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ONIWA offers cozy and relaxing accommodation to international pilgrims and athletes.
For Shikoku pilgrims: By the time you reach ONIWA, it has been more than 10 days since you started walking from temple 1, Ryozenji, in Tokushima Pref. After an arduous journey, you can enjoy stretching out your legs in our big bathtub and enjoy a deep night’s sleep on comfortable bed. This respite will reset your body and help ready you for the several hundred kilometer journey ahead.
For athletes: Enjoy dynamic training in a pristine environment. This unique location offers training without the interruptions of urban life.
We built our guest room with natural wood and “Tosa washi” paper(a traditional Japanese handmade paper produced in Kochi).
Free, fast Wi-fi is available for you to further research your trip or keep in touch with family and friends while you are chilling in our big living room.

●2名様    :8,640円
●3名様    :11,880円

Room Price for a night
●Single guest:¥4,320
●For two guests:¥8,640
●For three guests:¥11,880
*2 guests may share a double bed. A maximum of five guests may stay in the guest room with a set of futon mattresses and beddings,.
(Let us know if you have more than 6 members in your family and we can discuss what we can do to accommodate you.)

Guesthouse information

共用スペース:リビング・風呂・トイレ・乾燥機付き洗濯機・Free WiFi

Guestroom Amenities: two double-size beds, beddings, desk, refrigerator, TV
Common Space Amenities: living room, bathroom, toilet, laundry machine with drier, free Wi-fi

Please note:

– We don’t provide meals.
– At ONIWA, we value your desire for private time. But, please do not hesitate to call us anytime you need anything; we are happy to help you.
– Dog lovers are welcome. For those with allergies, please note that ONIWA is home to a friendly dog.
– If you want to prepare a meal or snack, feel free to use our kitchen, microwave and electric pot.
– There are no convenience stores or grocery stores nearby ONIWA. We suggest that you get your food and drinks on the way to ONIWA.
– These three restaurants and cafes are within 5 minutes walking distance.
・シーハウス / SEAHOUSE → 絶景です ( Great ocean view )
・活魚レストラン藤 / Fuji → 新鮮な海鮮料理で大人気 ( Popular for fresh seafood )
・喫茶柿の木 / Café “Kaki no ki” → 朝7:30から美味しいコーヒーとモーニングがいただけます ( Serves breakfast and coffee from 7:30am )