Hometown tax donation club fan for new cottage construction starts in mid-October!
Latest Availability Cottage:10/5 Glamping:9/28,29
*There are only a few cottages left for October!
*We have stopped accepting Higashi Kochi GOGO coupon plan because the coupons allocated to our inn have reached the upper limit.
It is a facility where even large dogs can stay with dogs


【About measures to prevent the spread of Novel Corona】

ONIWA operates after taking the following measures to prevent the spread of infection in order to protect the health of our valued customers and staff.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

【1】Check-in / check-out procedures and payments will be made outdoors.

【2】Acceptance to facilities per day is limited to 1 cottage group (up to 3 people), 1 glamping group (up to 2 people), and 3 solo camp groups (1 person).
In addition, we do not accept invitations from friends or relatives other than those who have made reservations.

【3】Dog runs are prohibited for simultaneous use by customers in different groups.
Please share and use.

【Four】Corona measures, and tours without prior notice are not permitted.Unauthorized entry into the premises may be reported to the police as trespassing.Please be careful.


  • Enjoy a private cottage overlooking the sea with your dog

    ONIWA is a facility with a private campsite and dog cottage in ONIWA Geisei Village in the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture.
    Spend a special holiday with friends, family and your beloved dog on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
    It is also a luxury to enjoy a relaxing solo camp with your favorite camping equipment.
    We look forward to welcoming you today with delicious Kochi food and nature.

Introduction of facilities

  • Dog run

    We ask that each group use the facilities, so even dogs who are shy can play freely.
  • pavilion

    ・Yakiniku etc. will be held here when it rains.
    ・Please feel free to inquire as it can be used even in fine weather.
  • Pet dog temporary custody service

    During your stay, when you go to Monet's Garden in Kitagawa Village, Makino Botanical Garden, or other tourist spots where dogs are not allowed, our staff will watch over your dog with you.
    It is a room with air conditioning and heating, and it is kept in a circle or Bali kennel.
    (Bringing a crate, etc. is welcome.If you use the crate or cage that you always use, your dog can stay at home with peace of mind.)

    Please contact us by email or Official LINE.(Same-day reception may not be available.)

    ・Please let us know in advance if your dog is over 10 years old or has a chronic disease.
    ・Dogs with a habit of biting or running away may be refused.
    ・Please wear manner pants when marking.
    ・No food or walking service.
    ・We will take all possible measures to keep your pet, but we cannot guarantee any accident or injury caused by sudden death, illness, or escape.In addition, the same applies to death due to accidents, natural disasters, etc. due to chronic illness or idiosyncratic constitution.
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Google Map

Hotel Name



1307 Nishibun Otsu, Geisei Village, Aki County, Kochi Prefecture

Telephone number



◆Closed from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday
◆Telephone reception is from 10:00 to 19:00.There is an answering machine at other times.

About 2 minutes by car (1.2km) from Kochi Tobu Expressway “Geisei-nishi” IC / 20 minutes on foot from Nishibun Station

There is a pick-up service(conditions)
We will pick you up at Kochi Ryoma Airport, Gomen-Nahari Line, Yasu Station the Hari Line, and Nishibun Station
*Advance reservation is required by the day before.
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Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.


10:00-19:00 (closed from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday.Emails are accepted daily)