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  2. Introducing the surrounding area

Introducing the surrounding area

List of ways to spend

  • ONIWA Osanpo Map

    There are many walking spots in the area.
    • Fashionable glass restaurant"SEA HOUSE"

      Unfortunately, the inside of the SEA HOUSE
      Not only the appearance but also the surrounding atmosphere is wonderful!
      Please try walking!
    • ONIWA I got off the coast from ONIWA

      You can see the rising sun from Cape Muroto!
      ONIWA nearest coast from ONIWA is the western end of Kotogahama Beach, which has a total length of 4 km.
      The beach is gravel instead of sand, so it may be a little difficult to walk.
      Don't go to the beach as it is dangerous with very strong waves.
      Look at the sea from a distance.
    • ONIWA nearest cycling road entrance

      Along the coast, there is a 20km cycling road from Yasu Aki City
      There are no cars here, so it's perfect for walking.
    • FamilyMart

      Walk west about 500m from the cycling road to FamilyMart!
      Fill your stomach with water and take a short break.
    • "Mélange"

      The performers were very excited about a certain location program. "Mélange"
      It is geologically very valuable and is also a natural monument of Kochi Prefecture.
      It is scattered around the Nishibun Fishing Port
    • "Kotogahama Kappa Ichi"

      Geisei Village a local product direct sales office in Geisei Village.
      Village specialty duck meat and brown sugar, fresh vegetables directly from the village,
      You can buy fresh flowers such as large dahlia at a reasonable price!
      We recommend the morning as it will run out in the afternoon!
    • Around "Kotogahama Matsubara

      30 minutes one way on foot east from the cycling road.(About 7 minutes by car from ONIWA)
      The area is full of attractions such as the coast overlooking Tosa Bay Statue of Oryo, the pine forest, and the outside theater!
  • Sightseeing spots in the vicinity recommended by ONIWA

    • Ryugado Cave

      Although it is a natural monument limestone cave, it is OK.
      Cafe Ayam shopping district is also OK, so you can relax and enjoy it all day long.

      1424 Sakakawa, Tosayamada Town, Kami City, Kochi Prefecture
      Access from the inn:30 minutes by car

      ・About 20 minutes by car from the Nankoku IC Kochi Expressway
      ・About 15 minutes by car from Kochi Ryoma Airport
      ・About 20 minutes by bus from JR Tosa-Yamada Station
      ・About 8 minutes by car from Tosa Kuroshio Railway"Noichi Station
    • Uchiharano Togeikan and Glass Studio

      You can experience pottery and glass crafts with your dog.
      How about a plate embossed with your dog's paws to commemorate it?
      Because it is indoors, you can enjoy it regardless of the weather.

      1607-1 Kawakita, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture
      Access from the inn:20 minutes by car

      ・70 minutes by bus from Kochi Bus Terminal
      ・60 minutes by car from Nankoku IC
      ・Gomen-Nahari Line, 15 minutes by bus from Aki Station(Get off in Togeikan-mae)

      Advance reservation is required.Please check the website of the Ceramic Art Museum for details.
    • Kitagawa Village "Monet's Garden" Marmottan

      The flowers in the garden, which change with the seasons, are always in full bloom.
      Especially the water lilies that bloom from April to October are very beautiful.
      Unfortunately, dogs are NG, but ONIWA is preparing a dog storage service (charged) by qualified personnel.

      1100 Notomo Ko, Kitagawa-mura, Aki-gun, Kochi Prefecture
      Access from the inn::45 minutes by car

      ・About 70 minutes by car from the Nankoku IC Kochi Expressway
      ・About 60 minutes by car from Kochi Ryoma Airport
      ・About 10 minutes by bus from JR
    • Cape Muroto

      The extraordinary walk is possible.

      Murotomisaki Town, Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture
      Access from the inn:60 minutes by car

      ・120 minutes by car from Kochi Expressway Nankoku IC