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It is a 2-minute drive (1.2km) from the “Geisei-nishi” IC Kochi-Tobu Expressway

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1307 Nishibun Otsu, Geisei Village, Aki County, Kochi Prefecture

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About 2 minutes by car (1.2km) from Kochi Tobu Expressway “Geisei-nishi” IC / 20 minutes on foot from Nishibun Station

There is a pick-up service(conditions)
We will pick you up at Kochi Ryoma Airport, Gomen-Nahari Line, Yasu Station the Hari Line, and Nishibun Station
*Advance reservation is required by the day before.

Search on Google Maps

ONIWA is not registered in general car navigation systems.
Google Maps you specify "ONIWA Kochi" in the route search of ONIWA, the most accurate route will be shown.
Especially in the car navigation system installed in imported cars, completely different places are shown, and many people get lost.It seems to be tedious, but please use Google Maps
  • Access by train(nearest station)

    ・1.3km from Nishibun Station Tosa Kuroshio Railway Gomen-Nahari Line
  • Access by car(Time required)

    ・20 minutes from Kochi Airport
    ・50 minutes from Kochi city (Harimaya Bridge
    ・50 minutes from Kochi IC


    Please specify the ONIWA Kochi" in the route search of Google MapsPlease note that it is not registered in the car navigation system.
  • Access to the nearest ticket office

    ・Approximately 25km to the Temple 27 Fudasho Kounomineji
    ・Temple 28 Fudasho about 15km to Temple 28 Fudasho Dainichiji
    *Walking pilgrimage will pick you up from the neighborhood.
  • When you come near

    【A】Turn right on the overpass.

    【B】Please continue on the slope along the road.

    【C】ONIWA a signboard of ONIWA.
    If you are visiting for the first time, please be sure to call the contact information provided there.

    From here on, it's a very narrow road.Alphard, Land Cruiser Prado, camper vans, etc. can also be used, but it requires some tips.Please wait for a while at the signboard as we will guide you.
    Please understand that we will not be aware of any damage to the car, derailment, fall, etc. if you enter at your own discretion.

    If you have used it in the past and are confident that you can pass without guidance, please drive carefully ahead.

    【D】Make a large right angle and turn left at a right angle.
    At the end of the white uphill road in front of you is a private house.Please be careful not to enter it by mistake.

    【E】Please note that it is very narrow.
    There is a space behind you that you can back up, so turn it back and pass carefully.
    The road on the right is the entrance to a private house.
    Please be careful not to make a mistake.

    【F】If you go through a narrow road and pass in front of a black wall, you will see a branch road from a dirt road.
    You can see the log house on the front left side (unpaved side).