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We offer delicious food in Kochi

Kochi has beautiful seas, mountains, and rivers, and there are many "delicious mons" that are blessed with abundant nature.
We will "take away" carefully selected items from popular local shops, so you can relax and enjoy them in the venue.

List of offered dishes

BBQ set with Tosa Akaushi Beef, Shimanto Chicken, and Tosa Akaushi Beef Riki Pork, which are special products of Chi prefecture, and traditional country sushi
We accept advance reservations for bonito tataki and sashimi of local fish, which are popular locally.
We also sell seasonings such as local yakiniku sauce and ponzu sauce that can be used for sweets and camping dishes in the facility.
Please enjoy the taste of Kochi to your heart's content.
  • "Restaurant Fuji" catered seafood

    It is so popular that there are fixed fans who regularly stay for this dish.
    We will deliver it to your room, so please relax and enjoy it.

    *It may change slightly depending on the purchase of fish on the day.
    • "Restaurant Fuji』\


      Sashimi of local fish/Katsuo no tataki/Cooked brown sugar sea bream/grilled fish(Brikama, etc.)/Beat the eggplant/Tosa sushi
  • "Charcoal-grilled meat Hyakuya" grilled meat set

    We will provide the equipment and tableware, so just bake it and enjoy it!
    Of course, there is no need to clean up afterwards.

    *The contents will differ slightly depending on the season.
    • "Char-grilled Yakiniku Momoya』\

      Ingredient example

      Tosa Japanese Black Beef/Shimanto Chicken/Riki Pork/Seasonal vegetables/salad/Kimchi/Rice & soup
  • Local cuisine of "Cooking Ryotei Tsukasa""Sawachi Cuisine"

    Sawachi Cuisine dishes are traditional Kochi dishes with appetizers, Sawachi Cuisine, rice, and desserts served on beautiful platters, and are sure to look great on Instagrammable.
    You may be worried, "Eh? Only one plate?", But I'm very satisfied because it's like having a Japanese cooking course on one plate.

    *The contents vary depending on the season.
    • "Cooking Ryotei Tsukasa』\

      Arrangement example

      Seared & seasonal sashimi / Japanese Spiny Lobster / Chanbara Shellfish (strawberry conch) and dish of vinegared of moray eels, etc. / Tosaten (deep-fried patty of fish paste) of bonito (those fried surimi) / Kujirakatsu such as deep-fried several / boiled / rolled sushi several
  • For winter"Pot set』\

    You can enjoy it in your room, but we recommend it outside! It was very popular last winter.
    If the weather is nice, set up ONIWA famous "Outdoor ONIWA Kotatsu" on the lawn.
    Enjoy a warm pot while gazing at the starry sky with an outdoor kotatsu.
    • Pot set

      Ingredient example

      Restaurant Fuji's local fish seafood yosenabe / seasonal dish / Tosa-maki (rolled sushi) (rolled sushi with bonito tataki) or rice and soup
  • Breakfast is backordered from "R's Cafe"

    We will deliver the morning set of "R's Cafe" in the local Geisei Village

    For breakfast, you can choose your favorite one at check-in from more than 15 kinds of menus, "sand type" and "toast type".
    Includes hand-drip coffee and smoothies, salads and soups.

    • "R's Cafe" menu example

      Sand type example

      BLT sand,Clubhouse sandwich,Croque monsieur,Cutlet sandwich, etc.

      Example of toast system

      French toast,Cheese egg toast,Pizza toast,Ogura toast and others